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The word "hospital" was used in its original sense of a place providing hospitality for those in need of it, and did not refer to medical care, although the buildings included an infirmary which, after Greenwich Hospital closed, operated as Dreadnought Seaman's Hospital until 1986.

The foundation which operated the hospital still exists, for the benefit of former Royal Navy personnel and their dependants. The hospital was created as the Royal Hospital for Seamen at Greenwich on the instructions of Queen Mary II, who had been inspired by the sight of wounded sailors returning from the Battle of La Hogue in 1692.

The Greeks received their alphabet from them as late as the 10th century B. THE PHOENICIANS ROUTES OF THE PHOENICIANS The Fertile Crescent is roughly an arc-shaped area which stretches from the mouth of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers at the Persian Gulf, west to the Red Sea.

About5,000 years ago it was inhabited by a race know as Semites.

Legend has it that an Egyptian pharaoh hired a band of Phoenicians to map and circumnavigate thecoast of Africa.

They are best remembered for their contributions in theestablishment to trade with the many peoples living along the Mediterranean Sea. Other antiquities famed to the Phoenicians includecarved ivories to be used in furniture, metalwork, and especially glassware.

Phoenicia (foh-NEE-shee-ah) Phoenicia is the Greek name for the country andpeople living on the coast of Syria in ancient times at the east end of the Mediterranean Sea.

These kingdoms especially the Phoenicians started to trade throughout the Mediterranean region.

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An early controversy arose when it emerged that the original plans for the hospital would have blocked the riverside view from the Queen's House.

Queen Mary II therefore ordered that the buildings be split, providing an avenue leading from the river through the hospital grounds up to the Queen's House and Greenwich Hill beyond.

This gave the hospital its distinctive look, with its buildings arranged in a number of quadrants.

Therefor smaller states like Phoenicia and the Hebrew kingdom were able to prosper.

Areas where their colonies have been found: Sardinia Cyprus, and Carthage-most important and lasting colony By far theywere superior to all peoples of that time in seamanship.

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